Global policies

Links to information sources on policies or activities in support to policies on nanomaterials at global level

U.S.A. / EU - The US-EU dialogue, bridging nanoEHS research - The initiative has three goals:
- engaging in an active discussion about environmental, health, and safety questions for nano-enabled products,
- encouraging joint programs of work that would leverage resources,
- establishing communities of practice, including identification of key points-of-contact / interest groups / themes between key US and EU researchers and key US and EU funding sources for near-term and future collaborations.

World Health Organisation (WHO)WHO Guidelines on Nanomaterials and Worker's Health - To address occupational risks of nanomaterials, WHO is developing Guidelines on "Protecting Workers from Potential Risks of Manufactured Nanomaterials" (WHO/NANOH). These Guidelines aim to facilitate improvements in occupational health and safety of workers potentially exposed to nanomaterials in a broad range of manufacturing and social environments. The guidelines will incorporate elements of risk assessment and risk management and contextual issues. They will provide recommendations to improve occupational safety and protect the health of workers using nanomaterials in all countries and especially in low and middle-income countries.