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The JRC Web Platform on Nanomaterials

A single-entry point to categorised web links with information relevant to nanomaterials

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You have reached the homepage of the former JRC Web Platform on Nanomaterials. The JRC has discontinued the updating of these pages in January 2016.

For information pages on nanomaterials, in the 23 EU languages and maintained by the European Union, please visit the  European Chemicals Agency 'European Union Observatory for Nanomaterials':


image-nanoThe wide use of nanomaterials (NMs), the increasing amount of NM-related information made available through the Internet and the growing attention to regulatory provisions for NMs have triggered requests for better access to relevant information on nanomaterials. A wealth of information is widely scattered on the Internet across very different sources serving various goals. 

The European Commission adopted a Communication on a Second Regulatory Review on Nanomaterials (COM(2012) 572 final and attached Staff Working Paper 'Types and uses of nanomaterials, including safety aspects'). The sections "Need for better accessible information" and "Information and databases" underline that transparency of information on NMs and products containing NMs is essential.

Following the calls from the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union, the Commission services, led by the Joint Research Centre (JRC), have released this first version of a Web Platform on Nanomaterials.

The web platform is a single-entry point to references (web links) to as much information sources as possible that are relevant to NMs.
This information is located at various levels: global, national, regional and single small entities. It can be found, via the Internet, in intergovernmental or international organisations, companies or NGOs, in the European Union Institutions, in national organisations, companies or interest groups, in SMEs, in regional governments, etc...


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This site contains only publicly available content retrieved via web links on the Internet. The content is not curated, nor quality-checked by the Joint Research Centre. The lines of text that introduce and hint at the nature of the content behind each web link has been quoted from what is published on the web pages reachable following the links. The completeness of the list of web links is not guaranteed by the Joint Research Centre, although efforts are being put by its staff in keeping it as up-to-date as possible. At present only web pages containing information in the English language are linked to this web platform. Other languages may be introduced in future upgrades.