IHCP Nutritionists present issue 3/2012 of 'Nutrition Research Highlights'

Published 6 July 2012



In this issue, find out 

  • how the eating frequency affects weight in mice

  • front of pack (FOP) food labelling systems for better consumers choices
  • our activities on countering childhood obesity via behavioural science & ICT approaches

  • why the major health authorities recommend to drastically reduce SFA (saturated fatty acids) consumption.

'Nutrition Research Highlights' is a newsletter published by the Nutrition & Health Group of the Institute for Health and Consumer Protection. 
Regularly surveying the top nutrition and medical journals, we select the most recent news on nutrition research, relevant to current societal debates or policies. These are then summarized as short “News” items or presented as a more detailed “View” on the topic.

 The newsletter is written for both experts and non-experts alike. Enjoy your reading!

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