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n. 1/2010 (Nov-Dec)

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A heart for nuts or nuts for the heart?

And the winner is ... Leptin!

The buzz on Vitamin E

Less salt is good and a healthy diet even better

n. 1/2011 (Jan-Feb)

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An Imaginary Diet

Obesity increases mortality

When to wean your baby

Of bees, nutrition and epigenetics

n. 2/2011 (Mar-Apr)

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Mediterranean Diet vs. Metabolic Syndrome: 1-0

Obesity on the rise across continents (and species!)

A lifetime of Omega-3 deficiency

A "cool" way to tackle obesity

n. 3/2011 (May-June)

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Tell me your grades! And your BMI*?

Digesting dietary choline & science news

Flavour learning: sour and bitter can taste good!

Your Gut Flora and You

n. 4/2011 (July-August)

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Weight gain and the usual suspects

Choosing your plate

Diabetes on the spotlight

New labels on the block

n. 5/2011 (September-October)

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Table battles: chips versus veggies

Red meat and type 2 diabetes

Taxing fats

What's in an organic carrot?

n. 6/2011 (November-December)

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To drink or not to drink (sugar sweetened beverages) ?

Dietary supplements, who needs them?

7th billion and counting

Doh! Why did I do that?

n. 1/2012 (January-February)

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Escalating portion sizes

A sixth sense for fat

Sugar, meet Stevia!

Join me for a piece of cultured meat

Food waste is waste, don't waste the taste!

n. 2/2012 (March-April)

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Red lights on red meat

Food for your mood

A coffee break?

Egg-sperts say they 're healthy

n. 3/2012 (May-June)

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The fast way

Suggesting the better food choice to consumers

Social networks & ICT to tackle childhood obesity

Navigating a fat labyrinth...

n. 4/2012 (July-August)

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The health promises of chocolate - too good to be true?

Breastfeeding linked with small but long term maternal weight loss

Behind the scenes: Satiation and hunger

Sports drinks are for sports people

n. 5/2012 (September-October)

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Let's get moving and off the screen!

Food for thought: the link to Alzheimer's disease

Shaping the glass shapes drinking

Breakfast like a king…

n. 6/2012 (November-December)

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Coeliac disease: Alternative wheat instead of wheat alternatives?

School lessons on fruits and vegetables

Where has the Mediterranean diet gone in the Mediterranean area?

Sin Taxes

n. 1/2013 (January-February)

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Target: Obesity

Zooming in Cholesterol

Energy drinks buzz

Bittersweet sugars

n. 2/2013 (March-April)

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Nutrition counts! Global data on diets and health

What's Nutrition economics all about?

Autoimmune disease: is it salt's fault?

Ingredients for successful and healthy ageing

n. 3/2013 (May-June)

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For smarter food choices, try smarter lunchrooms

Do your genes tell you what to eat?

Too much salt is the issue, not too little

Presence of trans fatty acids in supplements: the case of conjugated linoleic acid

New science promoting healthy eating and activity worldwide

n. 4/2013 (July-August)

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Sleep your way to better health

Your decisions are what you eat

Iodine deficiency: no thing of the past for Europeans

Marketing foods to children: where are we?

n. 5/2013 (September-October)

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Nuts… in a nutshell!

Metabolic health is more than a gut feeling

Research, policy and individual actions to tackle micronutrient deficiencies in Europe

Childhood obesity – whose fault is it?

n. 6/2013 (November-December)

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Understanding our eating behaviour at social gatherings

What’s behind the pleasure of a tasty meal?

On the concept of food addiction to explain overeating

The importance of drinking water

n. 1/2014 (January-February)

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Let's take a look at phosphorus!

New tools for better long-term body weight prediction

New Nordic Diet – highly liked and as healthy as the Mediterranean Diet

Inequalities in Nutrition and Health: 'Do something, do more, do better'

 n. 2/2014 (March-April)

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Of protein intakes, disease risk, and dietary recommendations

Getting a grip on childhood obesity

Towards a global diet?

Vitamin D – Let the sunshine in!

  n. 3/2014 (May-June)

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Calling for a more sensible use of antibiotics

Cardiovascular health: dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s

Nitrogen on the Table

Trans fatty acids: current and future developments in food regulation

  n. 4/2014 (July-August)

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Taking a moment to enjoy your food

Mother's nutrition lives on…

The schools of thought on vitamin supplements

  n. 5/2014 (September-October)

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For better health, don't (dis)miss the bus

One BMI, many cancers - where do we stand?

Diet considerations for healthy ageing

The European Code Against Cancer

  n. 6/2014 (November-December)

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A cup of cocoa a day?

Diets shape the future

Uncovering 'hidden' hunger

What if obesity weighed down school grades?

Fewer calories in commercial foods and drinks for children – will this halt the obesity epidemic?

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