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PIC - Prior Informed Consent Procedure for the export of chemicals

The Rotterdam Convention was signed by the European Community on 11 September 1998. This Decision, approving the Rotterdam Convention on behalf of the European Community, is accompanied by a Council Regulation to implement the Convention's provisions within the European Union. This Decision replaces Decision 2003/106/EC, which was annulled by the Court of Justice (see “Related Acts”). The Convention regulates the import and export of certain hazardous chemicals and pesticides. It is based on the fundamental principle of Prior Informed Consent (PIC), meaning that under the Convention, a chemical listed in the Convention may only be exported with the importer's prior consent. The Convention establishes a procedure to disseminate the decisions taken by the importing countries, thus implementing the PIC principle in the international trade in chemicals. It contains provisions requesting detailed information on the chemicals so that these decisions may be taken once data are available on the properties and the incidence of these products in particular on human health and the environment.
Source: Europa Web site, Legislation Summaries


  • Prior Informed Consent (PIC)