A revised GPSD (2001/95/EC) is applicable as from 15 January 2004. The objectives of the Directive are both to protect consumer health and safety and to ensure the proper functioning of the internal market.
The GPSD is intended to ensure a high level of product safety throughout the EU for consumer products that are not covered by specific sector legislation (e.g. toys, chemicals, cosmetics, machinery). The Directive also complements the provisions of sector legislation which do not cover certain matters, for instance in relation to producers’ obligations and the authorities’ powers and tasks.
The Directive provides a generic definition of a safe product. Products must comply with this definition. If there are no specific national rules, the safety of a product is assessed in accordance with
European standards, Community technical specifications, codes of good practice. the state of the art and the expectations of consumers.
Source: Europa, DG Consumers Affair website.


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