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Field-Flow-Fractionation Theory

Asymmetric-Flow Field-Flow-Fractionation (AF4), also called Field-Flow-Fractionation (FFF), is a one-phase chromatography technique.

Field-Flow Fractionation is a family of unique separation techniques, comprising of various different sub-techniques. All these Field-Flow Fractionation versions utilize the same basic separation principle, but employ different force fields. Depending on the used separation field the technique is called Flow Field-Flow Fractionation, Sedimentation Field-Flow Fractionation, Thermal Field-Flow Fractionation or Split Flow Thin Cell Fractionation (SPLITT). Field-Flow Fractionation is providing fast, gentle and high resolution separations of any particulate matter from 1 nm up to 100 µm in a liquid medium.

Source: Postnova Analytics web site

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