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JRC-IHCP - Poster: 'Harmonising the exposure assessments for Rodenticides'

Finalising the revision of the Emission Scenario Document for PT14

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Author Leon van der Wal (JRC-IHCP)

This poster by scientist Leon van der Wal (JRC-IHCP, Institute for Health and Consumer Protection) was provided as a contribution to the SETAC 2011 Annual Meeting in Milan in May 2011.

Its conclusions are presented below:

"The ESD for rodenticides is in the final stages of being updated to include necessary refinements as identified during the review programme of biocidal substances. Due to the lack of some toxicological and exposure data, risk management options will be addressed, such as site management and application by trained professional users only. The updated document will be presented to a working group consisting of experts from member states and industry for further modification and subsequent approval."


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