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JRC-IHCP - Poster: 'Estimation of emission from treated wood'

Evaluation of experience under the EU review Program of the Biocidal Products Directive

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Author V. Rodriguez Unamuno et alii (JRC-IHCP)

This poster by scientists Virginia Rodriguez Unamuno, Leon van der Wal and Erik van de Plassche (JRC-IHCP, Institute for Health and Consumer Protection) was provided as a contribution to the SETAC 2011 Annual Meeting in Milan in May 2011.

"Wood preservatives were included in the priority list of biocidal substances to be assessed during the Biocidal Product Directive (BPD) Review Program which started in 2000. [...]
To tackle the problem of wood's natural depletion and deterioration, it can be treated with preservatives. [...]
For the risk assessment of the wood preservative applied, it is necessary to predict the amount of preservative product leaching from the wood to the environment. The Leaching test is a method to intentionally expose treated wood to water, in order to measure the amount of emissions. The test can be performed in a laboratory or outdoors in natural rain conditions."

Several leaching test methods evolved during the period 2000-2010. However, in the process towards an agreement on methods for the leaching tests, there are still questions to be resolved. The outcomes of the Workshop on Leaching methods organised in Arona in 2005, although followed by industry and Member States, should be revised in the light of new available literature and discussions.


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