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Read our latest "Nutrition Research Highlights" (issue 5/2012)!

In this issue: health risks of sedentary behaviour (screen time & sitting time); relation between Alzheimer's disease, diabetes and diet; influence of glass shape on alcoholic beverages' consumption; importance of eating breakfast

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Find out why it's important to reduce the amount of time spent in front of screens, and the role of families in encouraging healthy behaviours.

We also discuss recent hypothesis linking Alzheimer's disease to insulin resistance in the brain; latest research insights on the impact of glass shape on alcohol consumption and potential policy implications; and finally, the importance and advantages of having breakfast on a daily basis.

Have a look and enjoy reading its 12th issue (05/2012)!

Further information:

This newsletter is addressed to EU policy makers and the general public. It features recent nutrition research highlights with relevance to current societal debates or policies.

 Photo: Breakfast (Source: Wikimedia Commons).

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