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Latest "Nutrition Research Highlights" issue (4/2012) available!

In this issue: chocolate health claims, beneficial effect of breastfeeding on mothers, latest insights in the mechanism of satiation as well as the phenomenon of sports drinks.

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Find out all you need to know about sports drinks. What are the experts' opinions? Do they really improve physical performance? And finally, why are sports drinks only meant for sports people?

In addition, we discuss health claims associated with chocolate, the beneficial effect of breastfeeding on mother's weight later in life as well as the latest insights in the way some food components can affect our sense of satiation.

Have a look and enjoy reading its 11th issue (04/2012)!

Further information:

This newsletter is addressed to EU policy makers and the general public. It features recent nutrition research highlights with relevance to current societal debates or policies.

 Photo: Chocolate bars (Source: Wikimedia Commons).

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