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"Nutrition Research Highlights" new issue available: 1/2012

In this issue: escalating portion sizes, a sixth sense for fat, Stevia, cultured meat and food waste

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The newsletter is addressed to EU policy makers and the general public. It features recent nutrition research highlights with relevance to current societal debates or policies.Table

Have a look and enjoy reading its seventh issue (01/2012)!

In this issue:

Escalating portion sizes
We recently held a workshop at the JRC in Ispra with several nutrition experts where we discussed European nutrition research including obesity and its prevention. Several of the experts proposed that there should be a focus on research in reducing portion sizes as a way of preventing the energy surplus associated with obesity development. Read more

A sixth sense for fat

To fully appreciate our favourite food delicacy, we rely on an intricate cascade of molecular and chemical processes that go from taste receptors (mostly in the tongue) to the brain and then elicit a behavioural response. Read more

Sugar, meet Stevia!
Stevia rebaudiana
is a plant of the Stevia genus which includes plants native to tropical and subtropical regions, mainly from South America. Stevia leaves have a sweet taste, which is due to the presence of steviol glycosides.
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Join me for a piece of cultured meat?
February 1st, 2050. A lunch buffet has been prepared to celebrate the annual meeting of the European animal welfare organisation. People are enjoying all sorts of meat products: steaks, cutlets, hamburgers, hot dogs or salmon and tuna.
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Food waste is waste, don't waste the taste
It is hard to imagine that in a world in which one in seven human beings is suffering hunger (as addressed in the previous issue of NRH, 1) there is also so much food being wasted. The numbers are intimidating and in Europe, they point to food waste levels of up to 50% of the food that is produced. Read more

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Photo: New York City public campagn against large portion sizes


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