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EMF-Net: research on biological effects of electromagnetic fields

EMF-NET is a FP6 Coordination Action that ran from 2004 to 2008, aimed at providing a framework for the coordination of the results of research activities related to the biological effects of electromagnetic fields, also considering potential risks related to exposure in working environments (occupational exposure).

EMF-net logoThe main objectives of EMF-NET can be summarized as follows:

  • Provide a framework for the coordination, and collation of the results of the studies, considering both laboratory studies (ELF, RF, Intermediate Frequencies, THz, Interaction Mechanisms and Medical Applications) and epidemiological studies. Provide a framework for the coordination of the results of on-going and completed studies conducted in different European countries on the measurement methods and computer simulations used for specific EMF exposure assessment for occupational risk evaluation.
  • Establish expert groups focused on the improvement of specific aspects common to any type of the research in this field.
  • Support "informed decision-making" for regulation and risk communication, to harmonize the results providing information to regulatory bodies and industries and supporting informed decision-making by health and environmental authorities, consumer associations as well as individuals.
  • Monitor emerging and third generation technologies, identifying the main needs in terms of coordination and studies.
  • Monitor EMF research plans in terms of objectives, endpoints, priorities, gaps, results and prospects from on-going research.
  • Provide a framework for the co-ordination of the results and of the dissemination plans of the research activities in the European Union Area with the activities established in the Associated and Third States, with particular reference to the Eastern Europe.
  • Provide an inventory of all the ongoing research in the field and prompt identification of the research priorities and needs, to provide the European Commission and other bodies of the appropriate information for the facilitation of policy development options.

EMF-Net's achievements are organised in the following sections:


The EMF-NET Consortium involved 41 participants, including all the coordinators of the EC (FP5) projects, coordinators of research projects at European national level (Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, UK), and representatives of other EC and international activities, such as EC COST ACTION 281 and the WHO EMF project, associations of industries and manufactures, regulatory bodies, scientific associations, and trade union associations.

Scientific Coordinator
Dr. Paolo Ravazzani
Institute of Biomedical Engineering CNR

Scientific Officer
Dr. Tuomo Karjalainen
European Commission

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