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Innovative Applications of Nanotechnology

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DSC_4915.jpg - Staining platform deck with '96' head The Institute for Health anc Consumer Protection (IHCP) is directly involved with its scientific partners in developing innovative applications of nanotechnology in cross cutting fields including advanced sensor devices and detection methodologies. It addresses as well the field of the nano-bio interface and corresponding effects.

Furthermore, it provides the international community with tools such as database access and tailor-made user interfaces regarding information relevant for safety, hazard, exposure and a product inventory type of information. The information corresponding to nanosafety, properties and metrology is brought together by the Institute and can be searched and exploited for use towards more rapid development, saving costs and share knowledge and study results, safer materials and products, new ideas and applications. In order to address and host nano-specific information and methodology, the Institute put in place an information platform called NANOhub.

NANOhub is based on IUCLID, which provides a common accepted basis for regulatory use of data, such as in the OECD context and with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). It complements the repository of nanomaterials for test method development and assessment. Both together are used to provide targeted support to policy implementation and converging activities with the Member States.


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