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special news Our latest "Nutrition Research Highlights" (issue 5/2014) is on-line!
Read about: the benefits of active commuting; the European Code against Cancer; diet and active healthy ageing
Nutrition | Nov 06, 2014
special news Fast Lane to Chemical Information: JRC launches ChemAgora
JRC portal gives quick overview of where information is available about a chemical across public repositories
Alternatives to Animal Testing | Oct 28, 2014
special news Launch of the OECD's Adverse Outcome Pathway Knowledge Base
Crowdsourcing information on toxicological mechanisms to further new animal-free approaches to chemical safety assessment
Alternatives to animal testing | Sep 25, 2014
special news Review of available methods for assessing chemical safety promotes alternatives to animal testing
In support of EU legislation on safety of chemicals, the JRC has published a state-of-the art review of test methods and non-testing (computational) approaches ...
Alternatives to animal testing | Sep 25, 2014
special news Progress towards ensuring safety without animal testing
SEURAT-1's latest progress report (4th of a series): "Towards the replacement of in vivo repeated dose systemic toxicity testing"
Alternative Methods to Animal Testing | Aug 28, 2014
special news Our latest "Nutrition Research Highlights" (issue 4/2014) is on-line!
Read about: eating rate and satiety; diet effects across generations; vitamin supplements and health; school environments and childhood obesity
Nutrition | Aug 27, 2014
special news How are breast cancer care services organised in Europe?
The JRC published a comprehensive report of breast cancer care services in Europe based on a survey which analysed the current situation in 25 countries that ...
Health | Aug 08, 2014
special news Healthy eating – healthy ageing?
Nutritional shortcomings are a key driver of age-related decline and disability whereas proper diet can increase years of healthy life. In support of the ...
Nutrition | Aug 04, 2014
special news Tangible progress in alternatives to animal testing: EURL ECVAM’s updated Status Report (2013-April 2014)
Improved understanding of toxicological processes and new methodologies and tools for mechanistic-based toxicology
Alternatives to Animal Testing | Aug 01, 2014
special news JRC publishes report from expert group on endocrine disrupters
Scientific deliberation around the difficult issue of thresholds
Endocrine Disrupters | Jul 25, 2014
special news Our latest "Nutrition Research Highlights" (issue 3/2014) is on-line!
Read about: antimicrobial resistance; cardiovascular health; dietary habits and the environment; trans fatty acids and food regulation
Nutrition | Jul 01, 2014
special news International Workshop on Harmonisation of GMO Detection and Analysis
On 22-23 October 2014, in the context of the Enlargement and Integration Action, the JRC-based European Reference Laboratory for GM Food and Feed (EURL GMFF) ...
GMO analysis | Jun 17, 2014
special news Making diet count in cancer prevention
Cancer risk factors can be reduced by correct nutrition and physical activity, which are key elements in all recommendations for cancer prevention, such as the ...
Nutrition | Jun 12, 2014
special news New JRC report discusses labelling and reporting schemes for nanomaterials in consumer products in the EU
JRC experts provide an overview on how EU legislation addresses nanomaterials, and recapitulate issues relevant for the on-going discussion on transparency and ...
Nanotechnology | May 19, 2014
special news New JRC tool helps to identify chemicals useful for the development and validation of alternative methods
Chemical Lists Information System – CheLIST - officially launched: it provides a means of identifying whether a chemical (or chemical group) has been tested in ...
Safety Assessment of Chemicals | May 14, 2014
special news Our latest "Nutrition Research Highlights" (issue 2/2014) is on-line!
Read about: Do protein-rich diets spell disease?; Tackling childhood obesity early on; Food variety and biodiversity; Vitamin D and bone health
Nutrition | May 12, 2014
special news New JRC GMO-Matrix helps increase efficiency of GMO screening
JRC scientists have developed a decision support tool to optimise the detection of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) via computer simulation. The JRC ...
Genetically Modified Organisms | May 06, 2014
special news European cancer information – new series of factsheets
A new series of factsheets published by the JRC and the European Network of Cancer Registries (ENCR) provide a unique overview of the cancer disease burden in ...
Cancer Policy Support | Apr 28, 2014
special news Our latest "Nutrition Research Highlights" (issue 1/2014) is on-line!
In this issue: Dietary phosphorus on the rise; Better body weight prediction tools; New Nordic Diet recommendations; Interplay of socio-economic status, diet, ...
Nutrition | Mar 20, 2014
special news Workshop on "Advancing Adverse Outcome Pathways for Integrated Toxicology and Regulatory Applications"
Co-organised by JRC's IHCP and IES, Environment Canada, US EPA, US ERDC & academic organisations from USA, Switzerland and Norway
Alternatives to Animal Testing | Mar 19, 2014
special news Control over import and export of hazardous chemicals handed over to ECHA
On 1 March 2014 the important page turned in the 20-year long history of Joint Research Centre (JRC) work on chemicals dossier. As the new rules concerning the ...
Export and import of hazardous chemicals | Mar 11, 2014
special news Alternatives to animal testing: EURL ECVAM publishes its Recommendation on the KeratinoSens™ assay for skin sensitisation testing
KeratinoSens™ may prove a useful component of integrated approaches for skin sensitisation hazard assessment, and may also be able to contribute to the ...
Alternatives to Animal Testing | Feb 19, 2014
special news SEURAT-1 meeting showcases new results and challenges in alternative methods to animal testing
Repeated dose systemic toxicity testing of chemicals : highlights from the 4th Annual Meeting of SEURAT-1 (Barcelona, 5-6 February 2014)
Alternatives to Animal Testing | Feb 18, 2014
special news JRC published a harmonisation framework for health-based evaluation of indoor emissions from construction products in the European Union
The harmonisation framework concerns the health based evaluation of chemical emissions from construction products based on the lowest concentration of interest ...
Indoor Air Quality | Feb 06, 2014
special news Striving for 21st century toxicology – exploiting mechanistic understanding to further alternative methods
Report on how Toxicity Pathway concepts can be applied in chemical safety assessment
Alternatives to Animal Testing | Jan 24, 2014
special news Our latest "Nutrition Research Highlights" (issue 6/2013) is on-line!
In this issue: Social influences on food choice; food reward messaging; the food addiction concept; approaches to ensuring good hydration.
Nutrition | Jan 20, 2014
special news Watch EURL ECVAM's new video: Advancing safety assessment without animals
EURL ECVAM scientists inform you on their latest activities and achievements
Alternatives to Animal Testing | Jan 09, 2014
special news JRC releases online web platform on nanomaterials
The JRC released a first version of its web platform on nanomaterials which is mainly based on links to available information.
Nanomaterials | Dec 20, 2013
special news How to reduce animal use in genotoxicity testing : EURL ECVAM releases its strategy
Satisfying regulatory safety assessment with alternative methods
Alternatives to animal testing | Dec 18, 2013
special news Alternatives to animal testing: EURL ECVAM publishes its Recommendation on a Cell Transformation Assay for carcinogenicity testing based on the Bhas 42 cell line
In its Recommendation, EURL ECVAM summarises key performance parameters of this in vitro method and its use within integrated approaches to assessing the ...
Alternatives to Animal Testing | Dec 17, 2013