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special news Workshop: New policies for protection of ageing consumers
We are ageing physically and mentally. What does this imply for daily decision making?
Behavioural Sciences | Oct 02, 2014
special news 9th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences
Humane Science in the 21st Century
Alternatives to Animal Testing | Aug 24, 2014
special news JRC's EURL ECVAM at the SOT 2014 53rd Annual meeting
Phoenix, Arizona - March 23-27, 2014
Alternatives to Animal Testing | Mar 23, 2014
special news EPAA Annual Conference 2013 - More Predictive Safety Science for a More Competitive Europe
On-line registration now open
Alternatives to animal testing | Nov 13, 2013
special news Workshop on increasing up-take rates in colorectal cancer screening programmes
Exchange of best practises and development of new policy measures for soft feedback based policy interventions
Behavioural Science | Jun 06, 2013
special news Workshop "Trans fatty acids in diets: health and legislative implications"
Zagreb, Croatia, 9-10 April 2013 - To discuss the presence and consumption of trans fatty acids in Europe and exchange best practices to reduce trans fatty ...
Nutrition, Health | Apr 09, 2013
special news Country Delegates Workshop on the proposal of an EU accreditation scheme for breast cancer services/European breast cancer guidelines
Organised by the JRC-IHCP Cancer Policy Support Group
Cancer Policy Support | Mar 13, 2013
special news Experts Workshop on the proposal of an EU accreditation scheme for breast cancer services/European breast cancer guidelines
Organised by the JRC-IHCP Cancer Policy Support Group
Cancer Policy Support | Feb 21, 2013
special news 8th Annual conference - European Partnership for Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing (EPAA)
Regulators, high-level industry and representatives of the European Commission and other associates to the EPAA are committed to pooling knowledge, research ...
Alternatives to animal testing | Nov 16, 2012
special news Workshop: "EU legislation and testing for the chemical safety of food contact material"
"Enlargement and Integration' Workshop co-organised by JRC-IHCP
Food Contact Materials | Nov 06, 2012
special news Final conference: FACET (Flavourings, Additives and Food Contact materials Exposure Task) project
Upon invitation only - FACET project aimed at estimating exposure to flavours, additives and food contact materials across Europe
Food contact materials & additives | Oct 26, 2012
special news Workshop "Applied Genomics in the Clinic"
Applications of new tools in the field of rare diseases and non invasive prenatal diagnostics
Genomics | Oct 17, 2012
special news Workshop "Countering obesity by combining behavioural insights and novel ICT tools"
Exchange of best practises and development of new policy measures for soft feedback based policy interventions
Nutrition, Obesity | Oct 04, 2012
special news Final Meeting of ENPRA project (Risk Assessment of Engineered NanoParticles)
Major European research project on safety of engineered nanoparticles presents final results
Nanotechnologies | Sep 19, 2012
special news International Workshop: Low Dose Effects and Non-Monotonic Dose Responses for Endocrine Active Chemicals: Science to Practice
This workshop seeks to lay out the evidence for low dose effects and non-monotonic dose responses in relation to endocrine active chemicals, with the goal of ...
Endocrine Disrupters | Sep 11, 2012
special news 1st JRC Ispra Summer School on European policies from a behavioural economics perspective
Organized by the Institute for Health and Consumer Protection. PLEASE NOTE THIS EVENT IS NOT ABOUT DEFINING NEW POLICIES
Behavioural Sciences | Aug 31, 2012
special news Third meeting of the Endocrine Disrupters Expert Advisory Group
To provide advice to the European Commission on scientific issues relevant to criteria for the identification of endocrine disrupters
Endocrine Disrupters | Jun 26, 2012
special news Workshop "Exposure and Effects Assessment Tools for the Risk Assessment of Biocidal Substances"
"Enlargement and Integration' Workshop organised by JRC-IHCP
Risk Assessment of Biocides | Jun 21, 2012
special news 8th NanoBio-Europe International Congress & Exhibition
Medical and biological applications of nanobiotechnology
Nanotechnology | Jun 18, 2012
special news 15th International Workshop on Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships (QSAR2012)
Focus: Environmental and Health Sciences
QSARs | Jun 18, 2012
special news 13th ISO Technical Committee 229 (Nanotechnology) Meeting hosted by JRC-IHCP
The 13th meeting of ISO/TC 229 will discuss and agree standards for nanotechnology currently under development
Nanotechnologies | Jun 11, 2012
special news EU Conference on Endocrine Disruptors: Current challenges in science and policy
The presentations and discussions will cover the effects of endocrine disruptors on human health and the environment, the risks, the identification of ...
Endocrine Disrupters | Jun 11, 2012
special news SEURAT-1 Summer School
"Towards the Replacement of In Vivo Repeated Dose Systemic Toxicity Testing": Spread the knowledge from the SEURAT-1 related research areas within and beyond ...
Alternatives to Animal Testing | Jun 04, 2012
special news Workshop "Guidance on Environmental Burden of Disease Estimation of exposure to environmental noise"
"Enlargement and Integration' Workshop co-organised by JRC-IHCP and WHO-Europe
Environmental Noise | May 15, 2012
special news Symposium 'Safety issues and regulatory challenges of nanomaterials'
Nanotechnologies | May 03, 2012
special news Twenty-fifth Anniversary of ECA on "Urban Air, Indoor Environment and Human Exposure"
Seminar by JRC-IHCP
Indoor Air Quality | Mar 29, 2012
special news SEURAT-1 Research Initiative - Annual Meeting 2011
SEURAT ('Safety Evaluation Ultimately Replacing Animal Testing') pushes for a fundamental change in the way we assess the safety of chemicals
Alternatives to animal testing | Feb 08, 2012
special news Indoor quality monitoring: 4th EU-LCI (Lowest Concentration of Interest) preparatory WG meeting
Harmonisation process at EU level: LCI concept for health based evaluation of indoor products emissions
Indoor Air Monitoring | Jan 18, 2012
special news Tiered aggregate exposure assessment (TAGS) event at the JRC
Methodologies for exposure assessment to chemicals in the environment and consumer products
Exposure assessment to chemicals | Jan 16, 2012
special news 16th plenary meeting of EURL-NRL-FCM network
EU Network of national reference laboratories for food contact materials
Food contact materials | Nov 30, 2011